Look up

For some reason I was thinking about scale today when I went out. There is a huge maple I have been wanting to draw. It towers over everything in the neighbourhood but it’s situated on a main thoroughfare with no parking nearby. In lieu of that I found this tall spruce. I have probably passed it many times but never really looked up to take in its height and shape.  I have even sat on the terrace of the restaurant housed in that yellow building, under that wooden pergola, without noticing it.


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15 Comments on “Look up”

  1. Chris Rusk says:


    It is fabulous!


    p.s. Family things keep popping up at last minute – one day, I will get out to sketch with all of you/CR

  2. Julia Bolchakova says:

    I absolutely love it! Look at that proportions!

  3. Lee Kline says:

    Very nice. Sometimes we have to get far away in order to see what is up close. I love this tree and if I lived in Montreal, I would say hello to it every day and try to make friends.

  4. John Hume says:

    Looking at your paintings I have learned much about the construction of watercolors.

    • Thanks so much John. I am glad to share and really happy to hear this kind of feedback. I can’t make the posts educational every day but I try at least once a week to share something about technique.

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Shari, i think i recognize that very tall, stately coniferous beside the restaurant on the
    corner of Cartier and the Lakeshore Rd. Hard to believe i have two other paintings of that
    same tree in much smaller versions painted many years ago by another Pointe Claire watercolour artist ! It’s wonderful that you keep finding these treasures in nature which
    most people never take the time to notice or appreciate.

  6. helmut langeder says:

    Really like this one, Shari.

  7. Terry Stevens says:

    Beautiful. What is the size of ‘Looking Up’?

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