A true Canadian

I am a true Canadian. I know this because when I saw this retro CBC reporter bag I had to have it. I figured if it was roomy enough for reporters to carry around all their stuff, it would be perfect for all my sketching supplies. It’s made of thick canvas, has a padded shoulder strap and even has a stitched crown on it. Very fitting for our beloved crown corporation. And I was right. It is perfect for all my stuff. Except that I forgot my paints inside the bag and when it came time to put colour on this sketch I had to root around my studio for my other palette.

CBC bag

3 Comments on “A true Canadian”

  1. Ross C says:

    Shari, you are obviously such a practical girl when it comes to bags… but maybe a little forgetful. Great sketch/painting. How long did this one take?


    • Hi Ross. Yes a little forgetful but I taught all day today so I have an excuse. This was a quick one but I confess that I did one earlier today that was really awful. So this is my second attempt. That’s the problem with actually having people look at this blog. Now I feel that what I post has to be good!


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