Sunday noon

Some days just don’t work out as planned. Like today. It was a bit of a disaster. I wasn’t expecting to spend the day in the Laurentians, rescuing a stranded teenager with a dead car battery. But I grabbed my sketch stuff on the way out the door knowing that there would probably be some time to kill while waiting for the tow truck. The stranded car in question was parked in Gus’s lot so I got to sketch Gus’s truck. And what is Gus’s line of work? Post-disaster clean-up. How apt.

Gus's truck in St. Faustin

2 Comments on “Sunday noon”

  1. John Wright says:

    You managed to at least salvage a sketch out of the change of plans. Nice drawing…as much as I love your deft use of colour the drawings are probably a good complimentary exercise.

    A real disaster would be missing a posting at this point…I hope you have a few contingency sketches 😉


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