Against the wall

The difficulty is in the simplicity. I heard that on the radio today used in reference to music. A musician may spend years practising a piece in order to make it sound effortless. The same is true of watercolour. You want to put the colour down cleanly the first time, hitting all the right notes of colour and value when your brush touches the paper because you can never get the white back after it’s been touched by paint.

In back of Clyde's

3 Comments on “Against the wall”

  1. My notes sound like geese honks! 🙂


  2. Ross C says:

    I like your little discussion about the similarities between playing music and painting… I have to agree that there certainly are similarities, not the least of which is the constant opportunity to stuff up comprehensively, in front of others… which you obviously didn’t do with this painting.

    I like the way the eye is led, past the tree shadows, into the pile of junk. I imagine that you would have to “catch” those shadows pretty quickly.


    • Thanks Ross. I was very happy with the way this one came out. Yes, I had to do the shadows quickly but I didn’t have much time that day so there was no choice. Plus the sun kept going behind the clouds so they were hard to capture.


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