St. Paul and St. Pierre

I was parked at the corner of St. Paul and St. Pierre streets in Ste. Anne de Bellevue (we have lots of saints in Quebec), happily starting this sketch, when I heard the squeal of brakes and frantic honking behind me. I was blocking the way for a school bus driver who was trying to turn the corner. So I threw my sketchbook across the car seat and in my rush to make way for the bus, my palette and sketchbook flew to the floor. Once the bus went by I circled the block and came right back to my spot, picked my stuff up off the floor of the car, and started again.

The corner of St. Pierre and St. Paul streets

6 Comments on “St. Paul and St. Pierre”

  1. marctaro says:

    Eventually you’ll have a nice collection of accidents to post! The ones that got away 🙂


  2. Ross C says:

    Shari, it appears that your persistence in getting your subject is only matched by your lack of concern for other road users in Montreal.. as I fortunately don’t use a road anywhere near you I don’t really care and, in any case, it was all worth it for such a good painting! (with an interesting broken edge down the left side)

    Perhaps, in future, you should “borrow” some of those orange cones that you like to paint and pretend your car is broken down.


  3. I really like all the grays in this W/C.


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