The space between

This is a call for you architects out there who look at this blog.

What is the feature in the middle of this sketch called?

I chose this vantage point because I liked the negative shape between the chimney, the ???????? and the looming steeple. But when I started to write today I realized I didn’t know what it was called. A spire? I’m sure it has a more interesting architectural name than spire. So please enlighten me.

Any takers?

The space between

17 Comments on “The space between”

  1. Hi Shari,

    I think that the word you are looking for is: pinnacle
    It is another word for spire.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Ross C says:

    So, what is this now? A quiz blog? Or maybe 20 questions? And I’m afraid you don’t give many hints… is it associated with the church? Or maybe the shopping centre or prison next door?

    However, working on the meager information that you gave, it could probably be called an “obelisk”… a four-sided stone shaft. But other architects may have better terminology.

    Good sketch. Has a great gloomy, grey feel.


  3. Jane Hannah says:

    Totally gorgeous :: deep and wraithlike in a way ::


  4. Minerva says:

    Hi Shari,

    It is a pinnacle. According to The Concise Dictionary of Architecture, “a steep conical or pyramidal finial or ornamentation.”
    Best regards,


  5. Hi,

    Pinnacle, not spire. Pinnacles are above buttresses, while spires are above larger occupiable structures…

    Lovely sketch.



  6. Alison says:

    Reminds me of spots that caught my eye while in U.K. recently … chimneys and pinnacles of different periods, styles and materials … and examining the shapes created against the sky. Another terrific composition. You’ve captured the architectural detail delightfully.


  7. Jill Boileau says:

    Hi Shari – I’m very interested in your course or workshop! Do you have dates and prices yet?..


    • Hi Jill,
      It’s great to hear from you. I will have dates and prices hopefully today. I’m just waiting for a confirmation from the venue. I’ll put you on my list.



      • Jill Boileau says:

        Thanks Shari. Your work is amazing. What I’d really love to learn about is how awesome you are at shading and light!!! I’ve just begun to dabble in watercolors 🙂
        I’m looking for venues to run my wholelistic journaling classes – both downtown Montreal and on the West Island – so, if you find interesting ones that are reasonably priced, would love to know about them!



      • I will let you know if I find anything interesting…


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