Homage à Pierre Henry

Years ago my parents purchased a painting from the Quebec artist Pierre Henry. It hung on their wall for years and I secretly coveted it. Or perhaps not so secretly because a few years ago when my parents were downsizing to a smaller apartment, they gave it to me. It has a place of prominence in my house and I look at it every day. It’s a view, looking uphill, of a street in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and I love it because it’s mostly just street with a few buildings on the side. I’ve been hunting for the right place to do my “mostly street” painting and finally found it in Lachine.

8 Comments on “Homage à Pierre Henry”

  1. Alison says:

    Superb Shari. I love this vantage point. (I think I even know the spot) You’ve given the asphalt alot of personality.


  2. Alison says:

    … and I love how the pattern of wires is echoed in the pavement cracks and shadows.


  3. Ross C says:

    This painting is both interesting and unusual… most paintings/sketches focus/dwell on a subject and try to describe that subject. This one seems to be quite different… there is almost no subject… just an empty road! Instead it seems to ask questions of us… Where is the road going to? What is out of sight over the hill? What are those buildings like and what are they used for? I can see why you liked the Henry painting.

    OK, all that was far too intellectual for me! In future I will stick to questioning your parking habits.


    • I tried to find a link to the Henry painting online but only his newer work is posted on his website. I thought that it would be interesting for people to see it. I never put into words why I like the painting but maybe it is for the reasons you listed. Thanks!


  4. […] that I realized that some of the landmarks looked quite familiar. I was on the same street as my sketch of a few days ago but on the opposite side of the […]


  5. Hommage a Shari Blaukopf et chapeau


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