In and out of water

Continuing with what seems to be my theme of the week — boats — I took a drive out to Hudson Yacht Club this morning. Capturing these boat shapes is a new challenge I have given myself. Drawing them is so difficult. They curve and dip and there’s all that rigging. First I started with a pen but quickly realized some correction might be needed so I took out my pencil instead to do the drawing. I will most certainly go back there to sketch soon because I think I’ve painted all there is to paint in my neighbourhood and there are lots of great spots around Hudson — Oka in the distance, the yacht club, beautiful old houses and farms and even Finnegan’s market before it gets too busy on a Saturday.

These days there’s lots of manganese blue in my paintings because, as I found out the other day, this colour does not dry quickly in the palette. I filled the reservoir with some fresh tube colour before leaving home and it leaked all over. I didn’t realize that it was much more runny than my other pigments. Now I add it to everything in the hopes of using it up and happily I quite like the greens and blues it makes.

In and out of water

16 Comments on “In and out of water”

  1. Valerie says:

    This is lovely, Shari. I think Hudson is a great spot for sketching too. On our way home from your workshop Joan and I sat on the deck at the Willow Place Inn and the view along the garden and across the water to Oka. It was gorgeous.

    I agree that your blues are good and interesting. I will have to try it.


    • Thanks Valerie. If you try the manganese blue just make sure you let it set. I know someone who bakes her little reservoirs of paint in the oven to set them but who has time for that? I just have to make sure I don’t fill this colour before I go to Santo Domingo.


  2. drawandshoot says:

    Beautiful tones, Shari!


  3. Ross C says:

    I am enjoying this little nautical theme and, in this one, the pencil adds a nice subtle tone to the linework.
    On the theme, did you ever go back to the tugboat “Hercules” (early April) to draw the remainder of that interesting boat?… you could treat this as a request… you do requests, don’t you?


  4. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari — we will surely cross paths as I live in this neck of the woods. I live right on the Hudson/Rigaud line… my mailing address is in Hudson, my telephone number is Hudson and I pay my taxes in Rigaud…. go figure. I love your colours 😉


  5. Oh Shari,

    I used to love to go to Finnegan’s on Saturdays when I lived in Beaconsfield. You’ve made me “homesick.” I still have the Québec grain scale I bought there. It’s been to Paris and now is back in Portland, Oregon with me.


    • It’s a great market and I haven’t been in years either. Sometimes it gets so crowded and hot but I think I’ll try and get there early this year to set up for some quick sketches.


  6. refarch says:

    What blue colour is manganese blue, never heard of it. (all countries have different names for colours, even in between brands)?


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