Between two palms

I still haven’t finished scanning my Dominican Republic sketches. Here’s another one done from my beach chair. The clouds were particularly beautiful after a rain and with my new small Raphael brush I was able to create the calligraphy of the palm fronds in front of them.

Between Two Palms

13 Comments on “Between two palms”

  1. Beautiful, this is so Punta Cana! 🙂 Gran Bahia Principe?

    • Yes it is! How did you know? The blue beach chairs?

      • I’ve been there 3 times already. The blue chairs from “Blue Chairs” helped :), the flower pots in “Between two palms” and in “The real beach” the layout seems really familiar… I think its the way the beach curves that I recognize…

        Really good job, I’ve been following “the Sketchbook” for a while now and all I can say is I hope that you continue painting for a long time, it’s really inspiring. Thanks a lot! =0)

      • So glad you like the blog Mathieu. Great resort spotting but I guess you must like it there since you’ve been back so often. I find it very funny that you recognized everything.

      • Yes, well, to tell the truth, I was pretty sure from the blue chairs a few days ago… The rest just confirmed 😀 Still, this just proves that you are really good to truly grab and render the spirit of a place on paper. 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Stunning! I hope one day to be able to make my Raphael brush do this. (yes, there was one left)

  3. Jane Hannah says:

    Your sky is fabulous Shari :: amongst other things too 😉

  4. Betty says:

    WOW makes me feel like I was there. What a composition.

  5. sketchysteven says:

    Just gorgeous… DR is a sketchers paradise. That brush does a real nice job thin to fat.

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