February’s wheelbarrow

I missed an opportunity for some good car painting today. Only realized after I had done this from my kitchen window that I was missing a spectacular winter day with great long shadows on fresh snow. There’s always tomorrow…


8 Comments on “February’s wheelbarrow”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Do you have your wheelbarrow in all seasons? Lovely.

  2. Ross C says:

    So, you had some colour left over from the previous day and decided to orchidize the wheelbarrow? It would be hard to say that this is your best of the wheelbarrow because they have all been so individual… but this one is really good… possibly the best of the in-the-snow ones… great 3D feel of the wheelbarrow and the snow sitting on it… and I really like the snow lying on the crossbar as well as the hint of snow sitting on the ends of the handles.

    • This one isn’t as loose as I like to paint so I was a bit disappointed about that.
      And yes, I used the leftover paint from the orchid. No sense wasting good pigment. I had to use a bit of white gouache on the crossbar because those whites were impossible to keep. If only I had a bit of frisket : )

      • Ross C says:

        What!!!!!!!!!!! You used gouache and you wrote the word “frisket” without expletives in your reply… who are you and what have you done with Shari Blaukopf?

      • I’ve given up all those lofty ideals I had about transparent watercolour.

      • Ross C says:

        That’s fine… I am not concerned if it is just reality and apathy setting in… that’s normal. I was concerned that this was a sign of an alien invasion… aliens taking over human bodies (like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”) starting with high level human society… watercolourists in Montreal. : )

      • No, it’s still me here. No aliens. Just me trying new things.

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