The colour of snow

Of all the snowfalls that we have had this winter — and we have had quite a few — this latest one was the most beautiful. It was heavy but not wet and it didn’t melt right away like some spring snow does. And for some reason the colour of the snow is different. I know it’s not really different — it’s just the same white stuff that fell last week or last month — but I think the light is changing and making the colours softer. On really cold mid-winter days the snow shadows are sharp and cold but this week they are softer and grayer.


13 Comments on “The colour of snow”

  1. John Wright says:

    ok, so if this is a quizz…my answer is cadmium orange, ultramarine blue and rose madder.
    how’d I do? ( don’t worry about my feelings, I’d like to know)

    • Close but no cigar. Rose madder: Yes. The blue is cobalt — ultramarine is too dark for this snow. No cadmium orange — too opaque. The stone has lots of raw sienna, burnt sienna and cobalt.

  2. Ross C says:

    I like the slightly softer colours that you have achieved while still keeping the intensity in places. Looks very “real” to me but how the hell would I know what a snow scene really looks like. And, what is this unusual stone building? We have seen this before but I don’t think that I asked about its purpose.

  3. mirobolante says:

    So beautiful !!! On va te nommer “la reine des neiges “. Thanks a lot.
    Did you received my flickr mails ?

  4. Evie Macdonald says:

    You did capture the softness of this snow! You may not have too much snow to paint soon!

  5. Lyn says:

    I love your beautiful paintings. X

  6. Lyn says:

    So beautiful, colour on a cold grey snowy day, thank you! X

  7. Lyn says:

    Sorry the comment above was meant to be about your chard painting! X

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