Yellow wall

I went back to the spot where I sketched in Pointe Claire last week because I wanted to capture the  sun on that glorious yellow wall, only this time I had some Fabriano paper with me instead of my sketchbook. Colours always look better on real watercolour paper, don’t they? I only had a very short time so I am missing lots of details that I wanted to add in, but the big shapes are there. I will have to return when I’m not on my way somewhere else!


14 Comments on “Yellow wall”

  1. Paula Seixas says:

    Love the happy view!

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  2. Still, you were able to capture the moment beautifully. I’m inspired to get back out and paint! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Great painting. I’m wondering if you have this staked out to the point of knowing what time of the day you can paint with this lighting, and how long it lasts for.

    • I do know the right time of day. I have only one hour on my way to work. I park exactly at eight and leave around nine. The light is perfect then but I guess it will change as the days get longer.

  4. Ruth says:

    This is my ‘Ol Stomping Ground’…I have been around here for years and recognize the
    street and buildings so well. Again, you have captured it to perfection. I am so impressed with
    the architectural precision that you achieve in all your quick sketches…colours are perfect too.
    Just great Shari !

  5. Monika says:

    This is beautiful. I can’t wait for your workshop in BCN. Thank you for keeping me and many others inspired every day!

  6. rkb665 says:

    The warmth from a yellow wall is always such a cheerful thing to see! Rebecca

  7. jane says:

    Your colours are totally awesome Shari :: the yellow and the purple complement each other beautifully. Yeah for us in being to view what you do, so well…

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