The only thing fresh and green around Montreal these days are the asparagus.There’s still lots of snow on the ground and no sign of a tulip or daffodil poking through the frigid earth.  This morning the weatherman on the radio described this past winter as “harsh”. So true. Harsh and endless. At this time of year it should be warm enough outside to sketch but today the wind was so strong and the mercury so low that I took shelter in a strip mall that houses a greengrocer.


22 Comments on “Asperges”

  1. legault johanne says:

    I receive your sketch everyday since you came to show your work at Dorval,and I think your work

    Is just wonderfull!

    Johanne L.

    Envoyé de mon iPad

  2. wrightottawa says:

    Resourceful cold weather strategy Sari. Far more colourful than a coffee shop.
    Don’t despair the cilia will be popping up any day now.

  3. wrightottawa says:

    Say Barcelona three times and click your heels Shari.
    Before you know it you’ll be looking for shade so that the paint doesn’t dry too quickly and wondering if your sunglasses are skewing your colour perception!

  4. Julia Bolchakova says:

    This is a really great one! Love the colors!

  5. Monique says:

    I love this one..much needed color! I went to the post office to pick up an Amazon box this morning and nearly blew off the site! So cold!

  6. Yvonne says:

    Really? 3 bunches of asparagus for $5.00? That’s so cheap! But such a cheerful, colourful sketch!

  7. Sue says:

    Love the design, color, “rhythm” of this picture…well done!!!!

  8. Ross C says:

    Finally! It all makes sense… I now realize that “asperges” is French for “asparagus”. Life in Montreal sure is confusing some times. Nice sketch!

    • Aren’t you glad that you finally learned something on this blog?

      • Ross C says:

        Yes, finally! And this new knowledge will be so useful if I am running short of asparagus near a French grocery in Australia… and they don’t have the asparagus on display… and I have to ask the non-English speaking grocer if he has any “asperges” in the back room. Yup, I’m sure that will be handy at some time.

  9. Swapniel says:

    Love the colours and the lucidity of the flow.

  10. Swapniel says:

    Reblogged this on Ignispirato and commented:
    Check out this artist. Brilliant warm colours, yet the simplicity of the flow. nothing is too detailed, still A great illustration.

  11. Swapniel says:

    Reblogged it in my blog. keep up good work.

  12. […] this Awesome paintings by this awesome artist Check out her all works   […]

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