I never tire of painting with a limited palette. Pick any red, yellow and blue in your paintbox and limit yourself to only those in your next painting. You may find that the results you get are more interesting than using a green or an orange or a purple from the tube. And the neutral colours you can create are more complex as well. In the months leading up to the Urban Sketchers Symposium in July, I’ll probably be posting lots of sketches painted with a limited palette as I prepare samples for handouts I’m creating for my workshop. And in case you are wondering what I used for this: ultramarine, alizarin, aureolin. The very same pigments that I’ll be demonstrating in Barcelona.


13 Comments on “Weeping”

  1. Monique says:

    It’s so funny because I just posted about 3 colors..
    My talents are not yours:) But I have fun:)in a nice quite way~

  2. Alison says:

    I saw your post just as I finished listening to a the tragic story of Rehtaeh Parson in Nova Scotia. “Weeping” is what I felt like doing. I hesitated posting this comment, however, there is a connection to your blog. That connection is my appreciation for the beauty your artwork and your vision bring into the world Shari. It is often a much needed antidote to the darker aspects of our world. So thank you! A friend said to me once, “I woke up this morning, looked at the world, and didn’t know whether to save it or savour it.” May we each find a way to do a bit of both.

    • Alison, I thank you. You always take the time to write such beautiful comments. When I read them I can never think of anything to say that won’t sound shallow and trite (yes her death was tragic, yes, we all need an antidote to the darker aspects, etc). All I can respond is that what you wrote was very thoughtful and that is why I appreciate your observations so much.

  3. Jen Appel says:

    Love that hint of the ultramarine in the inset of the panes of the window. It really looks like the reflection of the light.

  4. doug105 says:

    I am a fan of your blog and look forward to your daily sketches! I am concerned, however, about your advocation of the use of 2 highly fugitive colors, namely alizarin and aureolin. Would you mind commenting on this?

    Thanks! DougN

    • Hi Doug,
      Glad you like the blog and have taken the time to comment.
      I have used both of these colours for many years and was never aware of any problems but I do appreciate your concern.
      Let’s start with Alizarin. I used Winsor Newton Permanent Alizarin Crimson so I don’t think there is a problem there.
      As for Aureolin, yes, from the research I have recently started doing based on a few comments from people, there could be a problem with this colour. I am still researching and if I see that this is the case, then I will find another yellow to replace it. I am currently doing some tests with Winsor Yellow as I find the yellows in the Cadmium family too opaque.
      If you notice, in my post, I advocated trying any combo of primaries for an interesting effect. I write about what I do but people should always do their own research and see what is best for them.
      As for my workshops, if I find that the yellow is a problem, I will change it in my recommended list of supplies.
      Hope that answers your question.
      Once again, thanks for your concern!

  5. Ross C says:

    This is very effective with just 3 colours. Now, I can understand that some subjects wouldn’t suit using the three colour approach (like maybe some of those scenes in fruit markets that you have painted) but, do you otherwise find it easier or harder to use this approach?

    • It is surprising how much you can do with the three colours even in the market. I could probably paint for a whole year with just three tubes of paint. Of course it might not be naturalistic but it would certainly be expressive.

  6. doug105 says:

    Hi! Yesterday, I commented about your choice of colors in the 3 color palette. I asked for your views on that subject. My comment was removed from view. Do you only allow posts that agree with your point of view?

    Thanks! DougN
    (loyal reader of your blog)

    • Hi Doug.
      All first time commenters have to be approved by me first in case they are spam. I believe that this may be your first time or maybe your first time from that email address.

      If you have been following my blog you may have noticed that I respond to all comments even if someone does not share my point of view.
      You may also notice that I haven’t responded to comments in a few days. My graduating students are preparing a vernissage for tonight and I have a vernissage of my work tomorrow. My time has been taken up with these two events.

      I will respond to your comments soon. I thank you for your patience and understanding.


      • doug105 says:

        Sorry about the multple posts. You are right, this is the first time responding to a wordpress blog. I was going around in circles trying to get my post to show up. Now it’s all over the place…….


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