Take two

I had to shake things up a bit today because I was so displeased with my sketch of this same church from yesterday. Lifeless! Dead! Muddy washes!

I went back to the same spot as yesterday, found the same parking spot (thankfully free) but this time I did everything differently. Instead of using a wash first and ink line second (which felt a bit like outlining) I started by trying to do a more expressive ink drawing using my Lami Safari pen and some black ink. Instead of sitting in my car, I got out and stood outside. Felt a bit like a bear coming out of hibernation. I used smooth paper from my Moleskine sketchbook instead of the watercolour Moleskine. And then I added a bit of wash to finish it up. I am much happier with this result. Even though I made a few mistakes in the drawing, I feel it has much more life.  Plus if you are sitting in the car you miss the comments of people walking by, like the man who told me “ça irait bien mieux avec un camera!” (translation: it would be a lot better with a camera!”)


13 Comments on “Take two”

  1. Julia Bolchakova says:

    This is beautiful, Shari! Makes me want to immediately run out and draw something! ^)

  2. First time on your blog… Your pictures are so beautiful!

  3. I hope you growled at the guy! 😉

    So interesting to see the contrast of the two sketches.

  4. Lee Kline says:

    A lot better with a camera??!! Ha! I cannot think of a comeback for such a stupid and careless remark. I hope you gave him such a dirty look……… This has a lovely warmth to it. Unlike the guy who passed by! Jerk.

  5. doug105 says:

    As always, great sketch! If you inked first, the ink must have been “water-proof”. Do you care to share which ink you used?

    Thanks for the daily sketches, always a pleasure to view!


    • Thanks Doug. I used Noodlers Bulletproof black ink. It is waterproof on certain papers depending on the content of cellulose in the paper. It runs on my other watercolour Moleskine but not on the Moleskine sketchbook paper which is very smooth.

  6. Peggy Haug says:

    I like this sketch, though I think “take 1” is better? I keep looking for the muddiness you are referring to. The colors and viewpoint in “take 1″are striking, and they seem more dynamic than “take 2”. Also, I’m not sure I care for the telephone lines on the right.

    • Thanks for commenting Peggy. It’s always interesting to hear what people prefer when I do one of these comparisons. On “Take one” I felt that the washes on the church became a little muddy although the colours are more dynamic for sure because that one is done on watercolour paper and “Take two” is sketched on paper that hates water so naturally the colours will be less saturated. I notice on your blog that you try to keep colours fresh in your own paintings so you know what I am talking about.

      • pegjuanita says:

        Thanks, Shari. One may know about keeping colors fresh, but it always seems to be something I achieve only rarely. You are “on” nearly every time. Of course I know we are always our own worst critics!!
        How on earth you find enough time to paint and work, I assume, AND reply to comments, is rather amazing, and commendable!!

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