May day

I sat in this spot two days ago to draw the first daffodils and then forgot to move the chair and little table back to their usual spots. They waited patiently for me to return and paint them too.


17 Comments on “May day”

  1. Julia Bolchakova says:

    Oh it looks so sunny and inviting!

  2. Julie Gomez says:

    Such a lovely spot!

  3. Ross says:

    I am highly amused by this lovely painting. I see a new series in the making… chair and little table with long grass growing through them… chair and little table covered with fall leaves… chair and little table sitting in the snow. It is the terracotta pots all over again except this time you will be continually saying “I really must put the chair and little table away.” : )

  4. Alison says:

    Lovely! You perfectly captured the absolutely perfect day we had today. The warmth of the sun and air radiate off the paper … Through to my computer screen.

  5. Leon Iwan says:

    What I like about it is the light you feel when you look at it. It feels so sunny. Very nice.

  6. Philip Mizener says:

    It really does convey a lovely sense of the warmth of the scene!

  7. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari :: this is an impressionistic painting…. remember how the impressionists tried to figure out how the light played? Well, this painting is full of light! Well done Shari 😉

  8. Kathy says:

    I know you mentioned before, but what kind of brush pens do you prefer? How are they different from brush markers?

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