Morning light changes so quickly. There’s not much detail in my sketch today because every time I looked at the scene the shadows were different. I painted this in three fast washes. One for the light colours on the tree, the wheelbarrow and the fence. A second wash for the strong shadows and then a few dabs of dark for definition. In between each wash a quick dry with a blow dryer!


11 Comments on “Morning”

  1. Philip Mizener says:

    It’s definitely a challenge wrestling with the changing light! You, like a magnificent haiku poet however, manage to capture the moments meaningfully and gracefully! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Leon Iwan says:

    I like your style.

  3. Ross says:

    Love the stagnant wheelbarrow, as always. So, an early morning painting and post… Is this an attempt to disguise the no-post yesterday? : )

    • Yes, a poorly disguised attempt, obviously. It was exam day for my students so sadly no time to draw.

      • Ross says:

        OK, a reasonable excuse. But what was that about the blow dryer… don’t think I have heard you talking about using one of those on paintings before… or was it that were you drying your hair while you were painting? : )

      • I was multitasking : )
        Actually I use the blow dryer a lot in studio to dry the washes quickly. In the car I use the car heater. At school I use the hand dryer in the washroom. In summer I have the opposite problem. Washes dry too quickly. But in spring the morning air is cool so I needed a little help.

  4. lizetteberlin says:

    Love this sketch. With your permission and creidt could I post it on our Master Gardener Blog with an article on waiting for spring? (We are waiting for the 16 inches of snow to melt here in Red Wing MN)

    • Hi Lizette,
      Thanks for asking if you can use it. I see my stuff everywhere, used without permission. Yes, of course you can post it. And I hope the snow melts soon. It’s beautiful this week in Montreal.


  5. drawandshoot says:

    I love the tones in this! You have such an eye for putting colours together. Wonderful.

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