Near the shore

Working on the illustrations for a children’s book about a Canada Goose has been keeping me inside during one of the most beautiful weeks of the year. But with the paintings nearing completion I felt I could take a break from the birds and enjoy a bit of time outside to get back to my daily sketches (which I have been missing terribly.) I was at a bit of a loss about what to paint. Everything has exploded. Magnolias are blooming, tulips are up, and the trees are bright green. So what is the first thing I draw? A goose standing in the water near the shore. But I came to my senses pretty quickly, turned my chair around and painted the trees on the other side.


10 Comments on “Near the shore”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Beautiful. This is a tutorial all by itself. I snipped it and will carry it with me when I go out to draw next time.

    • Thnks Lee. I am trying to work on trees and treating them as masses of foliage rather than just leaves. This is the second sketch I did. In the first one it was more like itty bitty leaves and it looked awful.

  2. Mary says:

    You have captured the water reflections and shadows beautifully Shari 🙂
    It’s very tranquil too.

  3. Ty Stingel says:

    I am impressed by your writing and illustration talents. I have written a book and working on a second and know how time consuming a project can be. May you have much success with this book.

    • Thanks for commenting Ty. I’m a bit late in responding because it was a busy week. Yes, books can be really time consuming… Hopefully all the effort will be worth it. I wish you much success as well.

  4. Alison says:

    Ditto to the comments made already. I love the simplicity. Though I realize achieving that is FAR from simple. Glad you turned you chair around.

  5. sanchez says:

    Shari: I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and have always thought you were an accomplished artist but have seen your skills improve even more since I first started reading your blog.

    You and your work are truly inspirational! Thank you for making it available for every one to see. I’m a landscape architect and artist and have been inspired to pursue my art more, due in part to you. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I feel like I haven’t been devoting enough time to my sketching these days because of work committments so this means a lot to me. But school is almost done and I will soon be back to painting and sketching a little more each day.

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