To Kamouraska and back

Following a very intense period of school and work I was itching to get out of town. So this weekend was set aside for a road trip to Kamouraska, Quebec — a 4.5 hour drive east from Montreal along the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Most of the ride there was pretty boring. The view for the first three hours until Quebec City is flat stretches of highway dotted with industrial areas and truck stops. But a little after Quebec City the view opens up and the long tracts of farm land divvied up along seigneurial lines lead down to the river (not that we could see much of it in the pouring rain.) The village of Kamouraska is said to be one of the prettiest in Quebec but we couldn’t tell through the deluge. The islands across from the village were shrouded in fog most of the day but I got a few sketches done from the car. And of course as we were packing up to come home today the clouds broke, the sun came out and then I understood what they meant in the tourist brochures.

Kamouraska1 Kamouraska2



16 Comments on “To Kamouraska and back”

  1. Sylvie says:

    I like what you draw today. I see my river. I’m from Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and I can feel my région.

  2. Monique says:

    I have not been to QC in a long time and it is in the plans for this summer,,I am not fond of boring roads..
    I find the road to Toronto dull too..
    Glad you did get to see some prettiness though..

  3. Leon Iwan says:

    Your very inspiring. Nice sketches.

  4. DORE says:

    Dear Shari,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sketches! I look forward (very much) to your daily postings. Your sketches are beautifully soulful and your postings offer an amazingly lovely, vicarious daily journey.

  5. Nathalie says:

    Looking forward to being there…

  6. Linda Denis says:

    When the fog and cold move in the pretty village disappears and the St Lawrence is the star. I like what you sketched today. Slyvie comment is correct we need to feel when we look.

  7. drawandshoot says:

    Kamouraska is so beautiful! Apparently the beluga whales come as far down the St. Lawrence as the island near there. Did you make it to the bakery?!
    Wonderful sketches!

  8. Awesome sketches; these remind me why I’d rather come back from some trips with sketches instead of photos!

    • I hardly take any photos any more Jason. Mostly just reference images for painting but I really hate painting from photos so I end up having a bunch of poor photos (but lots of sketches).

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