Another Kamouraska view

This is the first sketch I did when I arrived in Kamouraska, sitting in my car in the rain. It wasn’t hard to decide what colours to use — it was a limited palette kind of day. Pick any three primary or secondary colours and mix them up to make grey. Warmer grey for the sky, a little cooler and darker for the road. I think I used lots of cerulean blue mixed with raw sienna and a bit of cadmium red or alizarin crimson.


12 Comments on “Another Kamouraska view”

  1. Ross says:

    Love this series from Kamouraska. The limited palettes have added a nice mood to all of the sketches… but I guess “a nice mood” for me just means that you were having a day of lousy weather and working under duress from the car. Hope the weather is better for your workshop there. Was this a reconnaissance trip to find subjects?

    • Thanks Ross. It was a day of really lousy weather and yes, it was a reconnaissance trip. I did figure out a lot of nice places to paint but I really couldn’t get out of the car to actually sit in the spots like I was hoping to do. So I am really hoping it will be nicer and drier and warmer when we go there in a few weeks. And if not we can always paint on the covered porch of the house I rented. The views are good from there too.

      • Ross says:

        If you end up painting on the porch you can amuse your students with this joke…
        An out-of-work painter approaches a man who working in the garden in front of his house and asks the man if there is any work that he can do. The man replies that he can paint the porch at the back of the house. About an hour later the painter reappears from the back of the house and says “It’s all finished… and by the way, it was a BMW not a Porche.”

      • Thanks for the joke Ross. I think this is a first for the blog.
        How about if you send me a joke a day for every sketch I do? You might even get the odd day off if I end up sleeping in…

      • Ross says:

        What’s up? Having trouble with the pressure of keeping your 1063 followers (!!!!) entertained?
        But, no thanks to the daily joke job offer! It wasn’t me that was crazy enough to publicly commit to doing something every day… that’s not my style… and maybe not yours either, judging by the number of days that you have failed to post lately. : )
        And, anyway, you have already read the funniest joke that I know… it would all be downhill from here.

  2. Jane Hannah says:

    Oh Ross — You crack me up 😉 I can imagine the guy’s face.
    Shari, I am itching to be there… rain or shine or thunder, we will have the luxury of painting all day long — can’t wait!

  3. Philip Mizener says:

    The use of “limited” colours made me realize the art of mixing and creating one’s palette! It’s a fine, realistic capture of a grey day ( I happen to love grey days sometimes for the sheer variety in the grey in the sky! ). Well done in capturing that variety simply and quickly!

  4. Lee Kline says:

    I like the joke and I like the painting. What’s not to like in either?

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