Holding up the traffic

Last week when I was at Ferme Tournesol I met food blogger  Nancy Eperjesy who was taking photos of the produce I was sketching. Have a look at her beautiful shots as well as some she took of my sketches at livluvlaf.tv.

This week I drove out to the farm with a friend and as we did last week, we brought along our sketch books. It was another great day for painting skies — great big vistas, rapidly changing clouds and little bursts of sun. We parked on the edge of a farmer’s field and while the wind shook the car we happily sketched away, enjoying the quiet and the rural views. But we didn’t realize that we had parked at a tractor entrance until we turned around to see this GIANT tractor waiting patiently for us to move. And behind him a line of cars, and facing him a school bus and more cars. Traffic stopped in both directions. Fortunately country people are more patient than city people because it took us some time to locate keys, turn the car around and make room for the tractor. And in that whole time not one person honked their horn… I took a photo of the tractor after it made its way to onto the field.


Here is the tractor…


9 Comments on “Holding up the traffic”

  1. Haha! Great story. That tractor could have moved you and the car!

  2. Chris Rusk says:

    Hey Shari

    It has been a few years since I have seen this type of a unit…

    Looks like a cultivator attached to the tractor (has disks and rod weeders, I think).


  3. Wonderful! This sounds like something I would do…at least you know you were ‘in the moment’!

  4. Ross says:

    I know what that is like… you start sketching and then, all of a sudden, your brain is in another place and it is an hour later and you don’t know what has gone on around you… except that there is a sketch sitting there in front of you… such a great place to be!

  5. Love that the sketch extends across two pages (it’s the little things that sketchbook warriors see and appreciate). The sketch feels like it was a cold day out there, and is that a reflection of the barn in some water on that field in front of it?

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