Shadow and light

When it’s raining out it seems that all of New York ends up at the museums. Without knowing what was on exhibit we ended up at the Bill Brandt photo exhibit at MoMA where I sketched thumbnails of the images. My favorites were the close ups of eyes and the British landscapes.


11 Comments on “Shadow and light”

  1. Sue says:

    It looks like you had fun. I love the sketches.

  2. sue sladen says:

    Have you ever been to the Frick Museum – my personal favourite. And I am oh so jealous of you in New York. Susan

  3. הדי says:

    I’m envy you! 🙂
    In the past i used to draw and paint a lot – i was envy my friends in my class that know to sketch like this as a comics.

    like the sketch.

  4. Philip Mizener says:

    Thanks for the visual reminder – always take a small notebook / sketchbook with me! Looks like you had great fun capturing highlights of the works on display.

    • I was glad I had it with me Philip. Drawing these little thumbnails made me really look at how the photographer composed his images. It was a great way to study the work.

  5. Ross says:

    Isn’t repetition in art a wonderful thing? Every bit doesn’t have to be wonderful or even interesting but the sum is often greater than just putting all those individual bits together. I am reminded of some of your paintings of bunches of flowers… where if you try looking closely at each bloom there is actually not much there but the overall painting looks so convincing.
    BTW, a good scan would be nice here too.

    • I love repetition! I am tempted not to rescan these few from New York. I like the fact that they look different from the usual ones. More of an “in the field” as opposed to “in the studio” look. Like a foreign correspondent.

      • Ross says:

        OK, Ms Foreign Correspondent… have your little fantasy and leave it unscanned. : )

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