Rue St. Sulpice

Do you ever start a sketch and realize that the paper you are working on should be twice the size it is? That happens to me often. Today I had a few minutes between errands in Old Montreal to draw a view down rue St. Sulpice, next to l’Église Notre Dame. My intention was to draw the spires at the back of the church and then have a view down the hill, past the old buildings, right down to the pier. But I ran out of paper on the left and didn’t manage to capture the depth I wanted to.  I probably should have waited for another day when I have more time but since the rain drowned out all outdoor sketching opportunities in New York City, I had to get in a quick one today.


12 Comments on “Rue St. Sulpice”

  1. Even if you ran out of paper this is still a beautiful painting! Love the colours.


  2. Ross says:

    Nice little sketch! I think you are right… a bit more space on the left would have been good but, with the shape of the buildings and foliage mass, you would have risked the eye drifting off the page in that direction.
    I am always interested to see how you handle foliage with watercolour… Australian trees are so difficult because they tend to have sparser leaf masses and are therefore more transparent… always hard to capture convincingly. Any suggestions?


    • You might be interested to see my post from today. This main tree is quite transparent. It really is just bits of sky alternating with leaves and most importantly, threads of branches to tie it all together.


  3. Absolutely swooning over this and the lilacs………….. Love the way you use the color AND the lines……………. Wow.

    Thank you for putting these where we can see them!


  4. Happens to me all of the time as almost all of my sketching is done on 4X6 paper, and without any pre-drawn pencil lines, so it becomes a matter of visualizing the sketch on the paper first.


  5. sallyburke2 says:

    I follow Liz Ellis here in Australia, and I am sure she would find the same problem you had, but it is fun no matter what.


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