Working on the boat

It’s always so exciting when the boats go into the water at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club. It’s the only club around the West Island where you can get a really good view of the sailboats and even park in a place with a decent angle to draw from the car. And on a rainy day sailors are always out there puttering with stuff. As I’ve said many times before, I don’t know boat terminology but I find sailboats really beautiful. And if it’s true that you should paint what you love, then I will keep on painting boats.


Big boat, little boat

Still testing out the hand•book journal today by throwing on lots more wash. No delicate ink lines with light dabs of paint. This is a heavy-duty loaded brush, many layers of paint type sketch. Still holding up and keeping the sharp lines where you want them.


Trying a new book

Last week when I was at Pearl Paint in New York I picked up a new sketchbook. I’ve seen people using the hand•book journals but have never tried them. The paper is slightly yellower than Moleskine and not quite as heavy. It takes pen lines really well because it is not as textured as my usual books. The wrapper says it takes light washes and as you can see, it does that too. I threw quite a lot of water at it and it really doesn’t warp. Plus it’s got a beautiful cloth cover and an elastic to hold it closed. For me, it’s a two thumbs up.


Rue St. Sulpice

Do you ever start a sketch and realize that the paper you are working on should be twice the size it is? That happens to me often. Today I had a few minutes between errands in Old Montreal to draw a view down rue St. Sulpice, next to l’Église Notre Dame. My intention was to draw the spires at the back of the church and then have a view down the hill, past the old buildings, right down to the pier. But I ran out of paper on the left and didn’t manage to capture the depth I wanted to.  I probably should have waited for another day when I have more time but since the rain drowned out all outdoor sketching opportunities in New York City, I had to get in a quick one today.


Shadow and light

When it’s raining out it seems that all of New York ends up at the museums. Without knowing what was on exhibit we ended up at the Bill Brandt photo exhibit at MoMA where I sketched thumbnails of the images. My favorites were the close ups of eyes and the British landscapes.


Run, don’t walk

If you are in the New York vicinity anytime between now and July, run, don’t walk, to see the show “John Singer Sargent Watercolours.” I have been studying these paintings in reproductions for years but that is nothing like looking at the originals. There are 93 paintings in the show from both the Boston and Brooklyn museum collections as well as detailed analyses of Sargent’s pigments. Fascinating stuff if you are in any way interested in watercolour painting. The paintings don’t go on exhibit very often because of their sensitivity to light. In fact I heard the show referred to as “once in a generation”. The show will be in Boston next and I may just have to make another visit to see them before they go into hiding again. The catalogue is excellent and the quality of the reproductions quite spectacular.


Charles driving

I got to be a passenger in the car today so drew this while on the road which was a first. I have painted before but never drawn. Excuse the wobbly lines.