Kamouraska workshop day one

The drive to Kamouraska yesterday for my four-day workshop seemed like a replay of when I visited a month ago – basically driving rain and fog. But today we woke up to only fog which seemed like a good sign that things were improving. By lunchtime the sun came out and then it was obvious why this is considered to be one of Quebec’s prettiest villages. Today we worked on value sketches for most of the day and it was great to see the progress students made in a few short hours. At the end of the day the light was clear but the wind was fierce when I wandered down near the water to sketch this. I’ve only just finished cleaning the debris out of my palette! Tomorrow’s lesson is composition.


3 Comments on “Kamouraska workshop day one”

  1. Ross says:

    Nice sketch and good to hear that you aren’t painting from the porch. Hope the weather stays friendly for you.
    And I think you meant to say “Tomorrow’s lesson is composition.”


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Love that red shadow!


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