Kamouraska workshop day four: calm

There was definitely a different feel to the last day of the workshop. The wind finally died down and the air was warmer. I’m pretty certain every student in the group had some sort of breakthrough in their work today as well. For some it was finally getting enough water on their brush to lay down a good wash, for others it was feeling in control of the colours on their palette and for a few it was simply getting the value relationships right.
As for me, I was lucky to have had a great group of students who worked hard, kept me on my toes with their questions, and churned out some amazing work.
For our final afternoon my demo was a panorama of the river, the islands and the hills of Charlevoix in the distance. The only thing I left out were the herons who came to feed in the estuary as the tide rolled in.
Kamouraska is somewhat of a Mecca for artists and we were fortunate to get to know two of them today. Illustrator and watercolorist Anne Michaud visited us and brought along pastel artist Magda Bascaron. If you have a chance please have a look at “Carnets de Kamouraska” – a fascinating book about this region lovingly illustrated by Anne.
Au revoir Kamouraska! I’ll be back soon!




4 Comments on “Kamouraska workshop day four: calm”

  1. Kathleen says:

    These paintings and photos are truly inspiring! I may have to get to Kamouraska on my own this summer. Hope you plan to do this one again next year! I’m taking a sabbatical and looking for painting workshops!

  2. croquedessin says:

    I like this !

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