Bearskin Neck

The main tourist drag in Rockport, MA, is called Bearskin Neck Road. Lined with shops and restaurants on either side, it ends at a lookout point where you can watch the fishing boats go in and out of the harbour or you can simply shade your eyes and stare out to the Atlantic.


12 Comments on “Bearskin Neck”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Lovely, Shari. Details beneath the decks are just enough.

  2. my husband and I went here for our honeymoon in 1968. We haven’t returned since 1988. so I enjoyed seeing this very much. (it is not easy drawing a huge stone jetty.). Well done.

  3. Angie Macleod says:

    Love the rocks! Perfect!

  4. helmut langeder says:

    Wonderful watercolors!

  5. I’m used to seeing so much great architectural and landscape elements in your sketches, and I really like seeing all of the people captured in this watercolor. Very nice painting.

  6. rene fijten says:

    Linework combined with watercolour can hardly get better than this. I always find it hard to find the balance between just enough information and overdoing my linework. Do you draw simultanuously with adding the colours?

    • That’s very kind Rene. I usually do the line work first and then add colour. Usually no pencil underneath unless the perspective is really difficult and then I make a few quick pencil lines.

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