Capt. Joe

Captain Joe is a dragger. (I figured that since I love painting boats I should learn a bit about them.) What makes these working boats so interesting to draw? The complex shapes, the textures in the rust, the ropes and lines and rigging, and of course the reflections. I sketched this in the Gloucester harbour around 6 pm when the harbour traffic was quiet and the water calm.


18 Comments on “Capt. Joe”

  1. sefeniak says:

    Love your tributes to the working boat!


  2. Sue says:

    Really nice!


  3. Monique says:

    I too think your boat art is amazing..I know I tend to repeat myself!


  4. Wayne Bissky says:

    These last few uploads have been really wonderful. I enjoy zooming in to study your brush strokes up close. Thanks also for a previous reference to Sargent. I bought the book and have been astonished at the looseness, yet incredible control, of his style.


    • Wayne, if ever you are on the east coast you should try to see the show. The paintings are even better when you see them and can analyse them up close. Sargent’s drawing is very tight but the painting is incredibly loose. And you would be shocked at how thick the paint is in some places. It is even cracked in spots.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    Boats and water, so beautiful. And the boats are rugged old things. That’s nice.


  6. Mary says:

    Was out kayaking late afternoon and the lake reminded me of the wonderful glassy effect you captured in this painting with the amazing juxtaposition of your rugged rusty old dragger 🙂
    However i didn’t see any draggers, only lots of smooth sailboats and the occasional crazy


  7. John says:

    Gorgeous color pallette!!!


  8. helmut langeder says:

    Hi Shari,
    Your Glouster series is spectacular. Yourdrawing skills and compositions are outstanding.


  9. Great capture of the rusty stern of that boat. And yeah, boats; I grew up on Long Island sound around the aesthetic and sights of 1800s whaling culture, so I was always drawing fully-rigged whaling vessels and clipper ships since way back in my earliest of school days.


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