Motif in the rain

I don’t usually paste things into my sketchbooks to remind me of what I did on a particular day but I love how the raindrops played a part in my memory of sketching this scene. It was really the only rainy afternoon I had during my week in Rockport. The rain started moments after I set out to sketch so I found a sheltered spot with a great view of the harbour and the back of the iconic Motif No. I. Even though I was under an awning, the wind drove the rain onto the still damp washes in my sketchbook. There was also a memorable moment when a waiter, on a break from a restaurant nearby, took shelter in the same spot. I can confirm my theory that as sketchers we are often invisible to others as we work because he then proceeded to make a very intimate phone call to his girlfriend within earshot of my chair and finished his break by smoking two cigarettes in quick succession and flicking the butts into the harbour.


10 Comments on “Motif in the rain”

  1. Micah says:

    I love the areas of white on the front stone that seem to reflect the wet stone..


  2. Sue says:

    Nice job! What color of red is in the building?


  3. Carol says:

    Loving the strong colors you’ve used this week. Gives it so much punch. Thanks for sharing!


  4. pegjuanita says:

    Absolutely stunning!! What a great sketch.


  5. As always, great sketch, especially love how the trees in the far background bleed into those ominous clouds. And yeah, sketchers have degrees of being both visible and invisible. I always try to do the latter, but as an urban sketcher, the former could be problematic when sketching on public transportation.


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