Plaça de Catalunya

Imagine trying to draw in the middle of a place filled with fountains, statues, hundreds of tourists (getting on and off buses, taking photos of each other, sitting on benches, sleeping on the grass, selling balloons) and thousands of pigeons (roosting in trees, pecking on the ground, and every once in a while forming a rising black cloud of wings and feathers at the sound of an exploding firecracker). That is Plaça de Catalunya. The central square at the heart of Barcelona and also the site of the workshop I took today with James Richards. It’s a session I’ve been so looking forward to! And it lived up to all expectations.
Jim’s workshop is called “Life between buildings: Capturing the Energy” and it’s all about the connective tissue (people, trees, cars, birds) that bring life and energy to a scene, with architecture acting as a backdrop.
I have to admit that is was an intensely distracting environment. Several people in the workshop have had items or money stolen so you can’t put anything on the ground while you are drawing. Buses are circling constantly and when the firecrackers explode there is shrieking from every direction. I loved it all.


6 Comments on “Plaça de Catalunya”

  1. Antony W says:

    Cool stuff. So you travel around the world and draw works of art? That sounds like a dream

  2. Monique says:

    So many people!! Oh you are good!
    Can’t do one really yet w/out a copy in front of me..
    Love you do too.

  3. Ross says:

    I can see the James Richards influence in your sketch (which is very good and also a bit different for you)… love the birds and people… like James’ work, there are so many interesting parts to look at.
    Good to see that you are finding workshops to extend you. So… just wondering if you have managed to find a workshop on photographing your paintings while travelling? : )

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