Location scouting

I spent the morning doing some location scouting with Marc Taro Holmes for our upcoming Urban Sketchers workshop in Old Montreal. We wanted to check out all our painting spots, make sure the light is good, that there is enough shade, access to washrooms, places to eat, etc. Lots to think about! We have 30 participants in the workshop, coming from all over the US and Canada, and as hosts we want to make sure everything is just right. As well, we tried to find some places to gather at the end of the day to relax and compare sketches. We found a great terrace on the roof of the Place d’Armes hotel with a view over the old part of the city, including a few of my personal favourites like Silo No. 5 and the Saint Sulpice Seminary. In the interests of accurate scouting (and so we could sketch the view) we had to eat a bit of lunch as well. Despite the fact that there was a speaker blaring music only inches from my ear, this will definitely be on the list for happy hour. And now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed for good weather.


13 Comments on “Location scouting”

  1. monbaum says:

    What a beautiful sketch! Montreal has just moved up on my list of places to travel to 🙂 I am sure the workshop will be wonderful and the weather just right.

  2. Monique says:

    I cannot belive how well you do every genre!

    All the buildings..landscapes etc..
    Fingers crossed for you..Today was glorious in MTL..the market was hopping!

  3. Connie Turnbull says:

    I LOVE this one – so wanted to register for this workshop, but can’t break a previous commitment. Really looking forward to appreciating your discoveries next weekend.

  4. rob carey says:

    Fabulous, of course!

  5. The clarity of your colour is entrancing.

  6. John Wright says:

    Strong composition as always Shari. The zigs and zags of overlapping buildings lead the eye right to the highrise and tower crane. The workshop will be fabulous.

  7. Umm…wow; just wow!

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