Out of the corner of my eye

I haven’t been able to post any sketches in a couple of days because the Lakeshore Association of Artists outdoor show took up all my time this past weekend. But don’t think I wasn’t thinking about sketching!

The outdoor venue of the show, on the grounds of Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire, overlooking Lac St. Louis, is about as beautiful a location you can find in Montreal, especially on a sunny day. But while I was meeting and greeting a constant stream of people going by, one eye was always on the scenery — the constantly shifting panorama of clouds, the sailboats, the stone building behind me. My sketching kit was in my bag but there was just never a moment to take it out. Saturday’s challenge was the wind. With a constant gale blowing in off the lake (and eventually bringing in some menacing clouds), many of us spent a lot of time simply holding on to our canopy poles and hoping nothing would blow away in the wind. And on Sunday the sun came out, along with all the people, so there was just never a moment even to see my fellow exhibitors or take out my sketchbook. But don’t think that is a complaint. I met so many interesting people and even sold a few paintings, which made battling the wind seem quite insignificant in the end. But Stewart Hall still had to be sketched so I made a pit stop on my way home from work today and dashed it off.


21 Comments on “Out of the corner of my eye”

  1. monique says:

    I love that gracious building..I hope you hang your art in your home Shari..

  2. monique says:

    Wish I could dash off like that by the way:-)

  3. susan says:

    Such a lovely sketch!
    It is a beautiful venue for a show. Saturday was challenging weather-wise but Sunday was a delight with many people strolling the grounds.
    I was glad to be one of the invited potters at the show.

  4. susan says:

    Yes it was..
    Did you notice the interesting bark on that huge tree by the bench?

  5. Pat White says:

    Where can I buy some of your awesome sketches, or at least prints of them ?

  6. Mary says:

    You’ve captured the magnificence of Stewart Hall in a new, fresh, original angle Shari 🙂
    Beautiful drawing and perspective!
    Is the green in the foreground a mix?

    • Thanks Mary. That green is mostly sap green with a bit of raw sienna in it.
      Although I usually mix my greens, for this I used a premixed colour because I had no place to sit so I drew standing up and painted crouched over the wet ground.

  7. mirobolante says:

    Always a master class of drawn and watercolor and a pleasure to see your sketches. Thanks.
    and congratulations for the show.

  8. This is great! I love how your brush strokes differ from precise and delicate on the house to strong and energetic on the grass! How many brushes you used?

  9. sefeniak says:

    Lovely sketch. Looks like a very nice spot for a show. Pleased to hear/read that you did sale a couple of paintings. Bonus!

  10. dezabaleta says:

    Very interesting !

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