One man’s weed

Looking around in my fading garden for something to sketch today I caught a glimpse of something glowing orange in the tangled mess — chinese lanterns on a plant I have been thinking is an invasive weed and yanking out for years. After a little research I learned that it is in fact an invasive weed. But if, yet again, I had been sketching less and gardening more, the plant would be gone and I never would have discovered these.


13 Comments on “One man’s weed”

  1. Angie Macleod says:

    Great greens, would you share the mixture of the colors? Thanks Shari


  2. Pedro Cabral says:

    If I can correctly interpret your beautiful watercolour, it is a Physalis.
    A very tasty and very agreable (and beautiful) fruit.
    I used to eat a lot of them when I was a kid.


  3. Invasive weed or not, they are pretty, especially yours. (I’m not partial to eating them though. Much prefer painting them 😉 )


  4. Claudette says:

    I don’t know about invasive but have always thought they were nice looking little plant and you did them real justice by rendering them in such a beautiful way…..thank you.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    We have them in Florida. You make me want to preserve them, your painting is so lovely.


  6. Hetterbell says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I adore Chinese Lanterns. I love to see them every year.


  7. cathy says:

    Not only is the painting wonderful and captures the delicacy of the pod but i have to laugh – we pay a fortune in Seattle to buy these at the store for autumnal arrangements!


  8. dezabaleta says:

    A colorful watercolor and excellent performan …


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