My brown dog

I spent some time drawing with my pencil again today — at McDonald’s while waiting for a dentist appointment and then again when I got home and I drew my dog enjoying a nap in the sun. Of all the combos of paper and pencil I’ve tried, this MUJI mechanical pencil along with the hand•book sketchbook is my favorite because the pencil just seems to glide over the paper.


10 Comments on “My brown dog”

  1. Alison says:

    How very beautiful.


  2. Mary says:

    Aren’t dogs wonderful to sketch Shari, as they stay so quietly when they’re sleeping,
    making great models for artists 🙂 This gal looks like a young chocolate lab and think she knows you’re concentrating on her because her eyes are opening!


    • Yes Mary. That is my beautiful chocolate lab Billie. It was the last drawing I did of her before she died. We found out she was sick last Wednesday and we managed to have one more week with her until she got too weak. This was yesterday afternoon around 4 and she died at around 7. We are so heartbroken.


      • Mary says:

        I am so very sorry to hear that your dear dog Billie has passed away Shari, and my
        sympathy and thoughts are with you at this sad time. It must have been hard for you to draw her knowing she was so sick and that love between you has been conveyed.


  3. Joanna says:

    I love how often you manage to sketch, it’s such an inspirationxx


  4. Janet Dempsey says:

    You were able to capture the sweetness of your dog. So beautiful.


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