Nothing in particular

This drawing is like an episode of Seinfeld — bits of this and that but basically about nothing.


10 Comments on “Nothing in particular”

  1. Joanna says:

    Aha, I like how you’ve done the windowscreenxx


  2. Kathleen says:

    I love the negative shape between the buildings and the bit of tree seen through the car and corner windows!


  3. munchmeister says:

    Wish I could do “nothing” that well. Kudos.


  4. Ross says:

    That’s an amusing subject, or group of subjects… a bit like what the “the quick brown fox jumped…” is to the alphabet… if you can draw everything in this collection, you can draw anything. You did pretty well, and thank goodness you didn’t try to draw any more of the car. : )


  5. Fleet Woodley says:

    Love what’s going on in the reflections on the windshield – VERY nicely done on the car too by the way!! Love being able to see through the windows on the corner of the house.



  6. dezabaleta says:

    Fantastic !


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