Corner of 9th

Isn’t it wonderful to peel the wrapping off a new sketchbook? Each page pristine, smooth, full of potential. This is the last of the three Travelogue sketchbooks I received as a gift from Gretchen in New Hampshire and I’ve spent all summer and fall filling them up. Thanks again Gretchen!

Last night I refilled my travel palette with fresh paint and dipped into my alizarin crimson, azo yellow and cobalt blue for this sketch. Sometimes I choose a limited palette because I want to create some interesting or unexpected colour mixtures, but today I limited myself to the primary colours because the scene I was sketching was all reds, blues and yellows. I’ve been waiting to sketch the corner of 9th Avenue and St. Joseph in Lachine but until today could never find parking at the right spot (this happens often but I am patient!). I love the architectural ornamentation at the top of the building with all the shingles, bricks, window ledges and dormers. I’m not sure if this is a style unique to Montreal but I’ve sketched these types of details all over the city.



10 Comments on “Corner of 9th”

  1. Hi, Shari – I know of The Sketchbook because I am friends with the group from Florida who attended the Urban Sketchbook workshop in Montreal in August; I too am part of Journey Daybook and was disappointed that my schedule didn’t allow me to participate. Today Susan asked me if I followed you blog and urged me to jump right on, so here I am! Your work is terrific–so immediate and strong. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Barbara


    • HI Barbara,
      It’s too bad you weren’t able to attend. The Florida bunch were great and we had a wonderful time together! Maybe one day I will make it down to Florida to sketch with all of them and we will certainly have a chance to meet. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the work.


  2. Paula Seixas says:

    What pen you use, Shari?


  3. Shari, wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed all your postings for the past I don’t know how many months I’ve been receiving your updates. Every time I see you in my inbox, I hurry to open it to see what eye-candies you are offering up each time. Beautiful, gorgeous, work, each and every one! Thanks for sharing!!


    • Jim, I am so happy that you’re enjoying the posts. I get great joy most days from doing these (except on the days that I am tearing my hair out!) so it is an added bonus to find out that other people like the drawings and paintings too. I love seeing your work too and hope that we see each other at another Symposium one of these days.


  4. Linda Daily says:

    I love what you accomplished with just three colors! And,of course,great composition!


  5. I’m just gonna go ahead and say “WOW” on this sketch (I never really know if I should refer to these as sketches or paintings!) The line work on the bricks and finite architectural and structural details is just awesome.


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