Peony in pencil

If you subscribe to Watercolor Artist magazine, watch for an article I recently wrote about water-soluble pencils in the upcoming December issue. These Caran d’Ache Museum pencils are very creamy and totally water-soluble. As you can see, the colours are more electric than the mixes I usually make in watercolour but they’re perfect for the bright hues of foliage on my dying peony.


12 Comments on “Peony in pencil”

  1. Gorgeous, these pencils are my new favourites, so rich in colour!

  2. Ross says:

    Yes, the colours are certainly intense!
    So what did you think of them for producing your type of paintings? Are you intending to use them again?

    • I used these when I went to the Chihully show. I think that they’re great for travel sketching when you can’t carry much, like into the museum. I brought a few pencils with me along with a Koi waterbrush. It was perfect for the bright colours of the glass and I didn’t get the evil eye from any of the guards for hauling out water and a palette. So I probably wouldn’t use them the same way I used my watercolours but I would certainly carry them when weight or liquids were on issue.

      • Ross says:

        Thanks. Yes, certainly a lot more economical and convenient when traveling.
        But have you found a way to tone the intensity down for working on more typical every-day subjects, when you aren’t looking for such strong colour statements?

      • Yes, you can really tone down the intensity by blending the colours but you’ll have to read the article. I wonder if the magazine is available in Australia. Then you can find out all the secrets of using water-soluble pencils.

  3. sefeniak says:

    Thank you for sharing that information and I will try and track down the magazine too.

  4. Pat says:

    I was so excited to see your name in the index of articles in my Watercolor Artist magazine yesterday! Great article, great info. I would love your work to be featured because it is so much more than the two sketches shown. You are on your way to even greater recognition!

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