The Bovril Building

There are buildings in Montreal, and I suppose in every city, that are iconic not because of any feats of design or architecture but simply because of where they are situated in the urban landscape. The Bovril Building, at the intersection of Van Horne and avenue du Parc in Mile End, is one of these. On any other street, surrounded by brick manufacturing buildings of the same height, it might tend toward the nondescript. But in its spot on a southern facing corner, its 1920’s deco facade has no competition, and for that reason it is instantly recognizable. I wasn’t even sure what the name of the building was until I did a bit of googling and found out not only that, but also that the refurbished building now houses an odd combination of tenants: a non-profit artist’s cooperative and a Hasidic Jewish school and daycare, each with their own entrance.


2 Comments on “The Bovril Building”

  1. Jenifer Cost says:

    You are such a good cheerleader for your city. You should publish a book of photos and your own work. It would definitely be a best seller!


    • Thanks Jenifer. I guess I am a cheerleader for Montreal. Sketching has really helped me discover the city even though I’ve lived here all my life. I think we all go about our lives, following the same streets back and forth to work and on our way to do errands, etc., but sketching has allowed me to turn down streets I had never seen before, look at buildings in different ways and watch for interesting light. I feel lucky to have found a way to see my city this way.


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