Five minutes in Princeton

What do you do when you have only 15 minutes to devote to a sketch? In my case I use a thicker pen, which today was a Sharpie.
I love university towns in the autumn, especially in New England. I spent a few hours in Princeton, New Jersey today and would have loved to sketch the campus grounds, the vine-covered buildings, or a library or two. But I only had five minutes to draw the trees, five to add a bit of detail and five to throw on a bit of paint from my tiny travel palette. I did spot an incredible Tudor building that looked like it was straight out of Stratford, England but it would have taken more time than I had to draw it.


11 Comments on “Five minutes in Princeton”

  1. Ross says:

    Oh no… five minutes to draw, five minutes to detail, five minutes to paint and just five seconds to capture it all in a blurry photo… can you spot the problem here? : )
    I think, from what I can make out, that I actually like the sketch and it is good to see one of your long verticals again… beginning to think you had forgotten how to do those.


  2. denizb33 says:

    Oh! You were in Princeton the day after I was! Lovely sketch. If I could draw, I’d have loved to sketch the approach into the university grounds along Washington Road, off Highway 1. Love the line of trees!


    • I did notice that beautiful approach. Those trees were quite beautiful. They almost had a greenish glow, lit by the fields on either side. I should have at least taken a photo of them.
      I can’t believe you were there just before me. How funny.


  3. Ruth Altheim says:

    I love your very tall tree! This is an amazing place to sketch and a wonderful museum on the University campus. Wonderful places to stay and great restaurants too. Hint: a great place for a sketchers workshop, any time of year!


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