Little green house

I don’t get much practice drawing from above, but from my hotel room in Princeton I could see this green house. The only sketchbook with me on this overnight trip was a small Moleskine which was an unfortunate choice. I think I really needed a bigger sheet to situate this building properly in its surroundings. The result of working on paper this small? My little green house looks like a doll house!


19 Comments on “Little green house”

  1. John Bartoldus says:

    Edward Hopper once commented that he often cut off the top or bottom of his paintings on purpose to force the viewer to imagine what lay beyond the canvas. All great minds think alike. Au revoir, Jacques


    • Bonjour Jacques,
      You seem to have a wealth of knowledge about the great Edward Hopper. Did you read a wonderful bio that you can recommend? I am just finishing another artist’s bio and would gladly take a recommendation from you.
      Bonne journée mon ami!


      • John Bartoldus says:

        I have “Edward Hopper, The Watercolors by Virginia M. Mecklenburg” which is a comprehensive, chronological history of Hopper’s life that I bought at an exhibit at the Whitney Museum in NYC which has the largest Hopper collection in the world. The illustrations aren’t as vibrant as some of his work, but the historical data is interesting and lends a lot of trivia facts to his work. You remind me often of his style though you are much better. My calendar sales are up 16% over last year, hooray. Your student/friend John


      • That’s great news about the calendar. I attribute it solely to the knowledge you acquired in Montreal this summer!
        I will look up the book. Thanks for the info mon ami.


  2. Ineke van den Berg says:

    I am so happy to have discovered your Sketchbook. I am in awe of your talent and look forward to receiving your daily new post!.


  3. Fleet Woodley says:

    Neat. From a hotel room, you sort of have to take what you get. Turned out kinda nice.



  4. James Hancock says:

    Another beautiful painting of course Shari, Einstein would have loved it! (I believe he was a prof there, heck he may lived in that house)
    I wonder if you could tell me what pen or brush you use for your line work as it is a great combo with the wash? I was a commercial artist for 30 years and your style is reminiscent of the best marker illustrators in the 60’s and 70’s.
    James Hancock


    • Thanks so much James! This isn’t Einstein’s house and I didn’t get to even drive by it but based on my quick tour I’d love to go back there someday when I have more time.
      As for the pen, I most often work with a Micron 005. It has a really fine point on it but it’s actually a very impractical pen because the point is used up in the blink of an eye. If I could find a substitute that lasts longer I would gladly switch but I haven’t found anything as fine yet.


  5. James Hancock says:

    Thanks Shari,
    I think I accidentally deleted my access but I will try to reconnect. Are you using a Sharpie now instead of the pen you mentioned?
    James Hancock


    • I use everything. When I want fine details like the house I use the Micron. For the musician I wanted a line with more character so I used the Sharpie. But I carry around so much stuff in my bag. These are just my two favourites.


  6. sefeniak says:

    I like your little green house. To me it doesn’t look all that little. It would be difficult to achieve all that detail on a small moleskin page! For me anyway.


  7. Rooi says:

    Hi Shari.. my friend offers to look after my 2 little dogs if i do make the trip to Montreal…
    am i on your mailing list? can i please ask what is that green colour on the house?


  8. Love this one, and though it may be small, it’s huge on detail, color, and overall feel.


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