Test-driving Stillman and Birn

In a giant cleanup of my studio I found a little surprise: a cellophane-wrapped postcard-sized package of Stillman & Birn paper samples that I received at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Barcelona. I sketched five shoes with five different pens on five different sheets of paper. You can see the names of the paper on the sheets. All are beautiful papers but my favorite by far: the Beta Series. 180 lb, natural white, cold press surface. The thick paper doesn’t warp at all, takes repeated washes and has a wonderful pebbly finish that is great for both drawing and painting.






10 Comments on “Test-driving Stillman and Birn”

  1. THats a genius idea! Love it, I wanna do test too. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    What a lucky thing finding the papers as they inspired a wonderful little series!

  3. Lee Kline says:

    What a great theme for an entire sketchbook.

  4. Luba says:

    These shoes have walked into my sole, okay, I couldn’t hold back a comment this time, I like how you framed them

  5. dezabaleta says:

    Different !

  6. FEWbar says:

    Beautiful work…the canvas shoe is just amazing

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