Sunset from the parking lot

I bought a new box of Sharpies and cracked it open in the parking lot of the store. The setting sun was in my eyes (at only 4 pm now that we have set the clocks back!) but the backlit suburban houses were irresistible.


17 Comments on “Sunset from the parking lot”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Are you addicted to Sharpies yet? They are so convenient to carry. I always have one Sharpie in my front jeans pocket and a very small Moleskine in my hip pocket. A minimalist’s sketch kit.

    • Yes, I love them. I won’t give up my Microns but they are definitely high on my list. I carry the same minimalist sketchers kit in my handbag. But I would never put the pen in my pocket. Too permanent!!

  2. dezabaleta says:

    Really excellent…

  3. SaLaminak says:

    Nothing I draw in sharpie ever turns out like that… Actually nothing I draw at all turns out like that! XD Great job!

  4. Ross says:

    In Australia, a “Sharpie” is a brand of thickish black, waterproof marking pen, with a clunky looking grey body… people use them for putting kids’ names on their clothes so they don’t lose them. Is that what they are in Canada?

  5. wonderful wonderful! love the looseness on this one. One question: do you scan in your watercolors? and if so, what settings do you use? I I have been having trouble displaying my watercolors on my blog, usually the scanner really fails to pick up the color. Love your blog!

    • Thanks so much William. I do scan my work. I have an Epson scanner and I use the professional settings instead of the default ones. That way I can adjust the levels after I preview the image. The problem with watercolours is that you often lose the pale colours.
      If you have a levels adjustment on your scanner setting I move the right slider all the way to the right so I get all the subtleties in the lights. I also move the dark slider all the way over to the left to make sure the darks are not filled in. The I open the image in Photoshop and fiddle a bit more with the levels and usually take down the saturation until it looks like the original. I know this may sound long but after doing it so many times it only takes about 5 minutes. Hope that helps.

  6. There is a world of difference between a Sharpie PEN (fine) and a Sharpie Marker (UltraFine), with the Sharpie PEN being very near a Micron 03. Sometimes details matter 🙂

    Cheers — Larry

  7. Love the backstory about the pens! Whenever I get some new pens, I always feel like I’m an excited kid with a new toy, and cracking them open in the parking lot is exactly what we love about the tools of our trade.

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