If you can’t see it

I’ve painted Saint Joachim Church and the Presbytery next to it many times but never from the convent parking lot so I thought I would draw it before work today. Only problem was, I couldn’t see much of the buildings because of the trees in front of them. That’s when I decided to make the trees my subject and use the building as a backdrop. It’s kind of a strange result but that’s what I like about drawing every day. You get to try stuff. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t. There’s always tomorrow.


15 Comments on “If you can’t see it”

  1. Alison says:

    Once again, The Sketchbook blogger delivers some apt wisdom for every day life — Try! … there’s always tomorrow.

    I really like the drama in this sketch. I’m feeling sympathy for the trees battling the wind with their naked branches, trying to maintain their place in the landscape in the shadow of the omnipresent towering structure. And the colours truly capture November!

  2. Vicky Porter says:

    A few of us in Portland are trying to make a sketch a day and finding it a big challenging. Your work and your great attitude is an inspiration. Thanks!

    • Thanks for letting me know Vicky. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep drawing.
      You can see from my work that there days when things work out well and others when my hand feels like a block of wood and nothing I draw comes out well. But I just keep on drawing.

  3. I think it is very sucessful. Something to try again.

  4. Lee Kline says:

    I should fail like this in my watercolors! Beautiful.

  5. Jane Hannah says:

    I like the fact that there is always tomorrow… so we are given a second change at completing or doing better and that is good! Yeah Shari — I love the spirit!

  6. “You get to try stuff. Some of it works and some of it doesn’t. There’s always tomorrow.” Well said, and that is one of the many great things about sketching. Sometimes it works, and that’s awesome as it is, and if it doesn’t, you get to just turn the page and try anew. Either way, though, if there is something that truly never works, it simply accepting the blank page in fear of trying in the first page, which makes every page you’ve laid down ink, paint, or graphite on a success to one degree or another. The trees may have been the impromptu new focal point, but hey none the less set the whole scene into play, and write a little story of a narrative that exist inadvertently in the eyes and mind of the viewer.

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