Lots of wind last night — so intense that it shook the house, rattled the windows and woke me from sleep. Despite all that, the leaves are still on my oak tree. Most of them, anyway. When I opened the front door to pick up the newspaper these two were on the threshold. I love the tiny perfection of the small one.


11 Comments on “Threshold”

  1. Linda Daily says:

    Lovely Shari! I have just collected a bag of leaves for the class I teach this week,
    I thought it might be a fun beginners project. You are the only person I know who
    Can make brown leaves look beautiful!

    • Linda, I hope the class goes well. If you want to use your leaves for an exercise, try them with a limited palette. I used no brown in this. Just a limited palette of phthalo blue, alizarin and aureolin. Or maybe save that for a later date…

  2. Ross says:

    Now, I am thinking that this blog is on the downhill run. Two days ago we were promised a painting… the next day this turned out to be a pen and wash sketch… very nicely done but a long way short of the painting. So, I thought that the painting would probably come today… waiting with eager anticipation… and today turns out to be two, dried-up old leaves… again, nicely done, but it is still just two old leaves. What’s next? The long-awaited painting? : )

  3. That same front came tearing through Washington, DC very early this morning, something like 2:30 AM. Love the delicacy on these leaves, which still look like they’d go “crunch” if you’d step on them. Nicely done!

  4. Linda Daily says:

    Thanks for the advice Shari. I am keeping them to a limited palette of ultramarine,alizarin and
    aureolin. Trying to keep it simple!

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