I loved drawing my student Fadia. We have a lot in common, I think. We both like the same tv shows and share a love of cinema. That rapport made it really easy to draw her. She volunteered to sit, knowing that I always bring my drawing supplies to school on Thursday. And she was a great model too. Thanks Fadia.


8 Comments on “Fadia”

  1. Ross says:

    Nicely done! Particularly the eyes and glasses. Does it look like Fadia?
    I would have thought your students would be queuing up for their portraits by now.

  2. Lovely, especially the simplicity of the eyes and the modeling on the lips, but the hair is the big winner, especially that streak if highlighting just to the side of the part.

  3. OH MY! This looks so much like Fadia! I was googling your name (to find your vanier extension number) and by curiosity clicked on images and I recognized her immediately! (I hadn’t seen the drawing at school)

    Super awesome Shari!

    • Thanks Vanessa. I was pretty happy with my portrait of her. Would you like to be my model sometime? I am always looking for candidates.
      By the way, I have to approve all new commenters to the blog so that is why your comment took a while to appear.

      • I don’t mind people drawing me or taking pictures of me but I don’t enjoy looking at them afterwards. The closeness and reality of my own person hits me like a slap across the face each time. But yes, I would still like to see how I am portrayed in your sketches. (and ah yes, I understand the need to approve the comments!)

      • I can understand your reluctance to be a model. I have the same reservations myself. But if you are ever interested let me know!

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