It’s hard to find colour in the winter landscape. On a cloudy day there’s warm greys and cool greys and sometimes a pinkish tinge in the sky over the lake. You have to sit and stare for a good long time to pick up the subtleties.

It was a good day to try out some new brushes that just arrived. I bought a set of Scroggy’s Loose Goose brushes and it turns out that they are exactly what I was hoping for to create foliage and branches. The floppy squirrel hair does all kinds of unexpected things. It seems to have a mind of its own and that keeps me from making branches that are a little too tidy and predictable.


11 Comments on “December”

  1. Ross says:

    Those branches do have an interesting character. I guess that means that floppy squirrels are good for something… I hadn’t heard of that species before so I tried googling “floppy squirrel”… but all I found were kid’s toys. : )

  2. rachaelanitacreates says:

    Love this. You did a beautiful job

  3. Alison says:

    Marvelous composition and great handling of the new brushes. “Dumb” question: you painted the sky and hills on the horizon first, right?

  4. Vicky Porter says:

    Living in Portland, Oregon, where it is gray most of the winter, I’m going to try to follow your advice and “stare for a good long time to pick up the subtleties”. I’m hoping to see those pink tinges, too.
    I love the colors in your sky as well as the lines of the trees.

  5. The world is one big watercolor painting; you just need to be able to see the layers of glazing to see all of the colors that are there, though maybe just not obvious at first. I remember painting and sketching in the Negev and Sinai Deserts and thinking “man, this place is technicolor!”

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