I’ve been waiting to draw Alice for some weeks but puppies don’t sit still for too long. I final caught her curled up for a late afternoon snooze, and managed to finish most of the drawing before she rolled over onto her back, oblivious to the fact that she was the model for today.


12 Comments on “Alice”

  1. Eirini says:

    Alice is a beauty!

  2. Tom jump says:

    Shari- Love it. Just so you know, I look at your posts everyday and always enjoy them.

    This one reminds me of last night- I was at my watercolor class at the Art Students League of Denver and out in the 1st floor hallway there is an exhibition of class work consisting of drawings & paintings of dogs and horses, some with cowboys on them. They titled the little exhibition “Dog and Pony Show” which I think is great!

    Thanks, Tom

    • Glad you enjoy the posts Tom! I am always a bit reluctant to draw animals (maybe the kitsch factor of drawing puppies and kittens) but I draw what is around me every day and these days it is the dog. One of my heroes of dog drawing is David Hockney. Have a look at the paintings of his dachshunds if you can find some online.

  3. sefeniak says:

    How did you ever manage to get a puppy to stay still long enough? Of course they do eventually need some shut eye! Well done!

  4. Wayne Bissky says:

    Well, I can’t not comment. Lovely sketch of a lovely subject…looks angelic to me.

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