After the storm

I was just reading an article about painting snow scenes in a recent watercolour magazine. Each artist whose work was featured used lots of frisket to maintain the white areas in their paintings, but in my quick sketches that seems like a time-consuming proposition. Waiting for the frisket to dry would use up all my precious sketch time. I think that with a bit of careful planning you can paint around the white, the bigger areas at least. And then if need be, come back later with a bit of Chinese white to add a smaller snowflake or two.


14 Comments on “After the storm”

  1. Riley says:

    Yeah, wow, I think you proved that point rather gorgeously 🙂


  2. sefeniak says:

    Lovely snowy scene!


  3. Ellen says:

    I love your winterscenes in watercolour. I especially liked the shadow patterns on the ground.


  4. Ross says:

    Cool. I like it when you are freezing.
    My favourite part of this is the small study in the bottom left… the little sprigs coming up through the snow, the base of the tree trunk and that lovely graded-wash shadow across the snow… just stunning.


    • Thanks Ross. So glad you are happy when we are cold in this part of the world. It must be nice and hot in Australia now.
      Glad you like the snow painting. I am trying some new mixes instead of always using Cobalt Blue.


      • Ross says:

        I knew there was something different about this snow… I can see now that it is the change in the palette… the snow is warmer.
        You’re right… it’s hot here. I would happily go and lay in your snow… I’m sure it can’t really be that cold. : )


  5. WOW – I can really feel the snow all around, hear it crunching under-foot, smell that “Winter” cold smell.. Makes me miss the North American winters! Xox from Europe


  6. Tracey says:

    Lovely! And I’d opt anytime for the soft edges you’ve achieved over “perfect” lines with the frisket. Love the peacefullness!


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