Four mops

Today I received my copy of Whitney Sherman’s “Playing with Sketches: 50 Creative Exercises for Designers and Artists”. It’s a great book, full of creative ideas for your sketchbook and filled with examples of work from artists around the world. I am very flattered that USk founder Gabi Campanario chose one of my city sketches in the section on Urban Sketchers. I guess this is the first time that my work is featured in a book. Anyway, one of the 50 ideas in the book is called “One Day, One Theme”, meaning that for that day you just draw coffee cups or shoes or hairstyles. My twist on this is that I will do “One Sketchbook, One Theme” so I intend to fill this sketchbook with still lifes from my house. I haven’t really had time to give the book a good read through yet but I’m sure there are lots of great ideas that I will be trying.





22 Comments on “Four mops”

  1. Tracey says:

    Congrats Shari, likely the first of many to come!


  2. Alison says:

    Great Shari! Bravo. What a cool looking book. I like your plan. And this sketch. You are a master of the splatter. Just the right amount in the right spot(s).


  3. Linda Daily says:

    Love your sketch and love the idea of your theme!
    I will look for this book,sounds interesting.


  4. Congratulations, Shari! I didn’t know the story behind Urban Sketchers – it’s really interesting.


  5. Debra Ganong says:

    Congratulations on the book, Shari. Good for you! It’s the first but I am sure it won’t be the last! Would love to see this book.


  6. Nancy says:

    Shari, your sketches/paintings are sunshine in my inbox every morning. THANK YOU! I dabble in water color and want to grow up to paint like you! That said, I am wondering if you have a summer 2014 workshop schedule – I would be a humble participant but would delight in the opportunity and the inspiration!


  7. Carolyn Smith says:

    Love the idea for a sketchbook just for still lives in your house. It would be something you can do anytime of the day. This kind of activity would get someone like me, who can’t make decisions, and is a slow starter, no reason not to just sketch something in the house morning noon or night!
    In other words it could form an everyday habit of grabbing that sketch pad. Now that’s what I need!


  8. Cathy Amos says:

    Love all your work and your new plan for still lifes from home. Looking forward to many more fantastic sketches!


  9. Jane Hannah says:

    Yep-yep Shari! I love that idea too… can’t wait to see it. I am soooo bloody happy that Avenue des Arts will be carrying the Stillman sketchbooks — I love them — youppi -)


  10. Ross says:

    Good sketch! However, I can only see three mops… am I missing something? But, who needs that many mops anyway… I get the feeling that you may be one of those excessively clean people… of maybe you just collect mops like you collect paint brushes?


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