For a long time I was reluctant to draw people. But the more you draw faces, the more you realize that everything else you draw is just not that interesting or challenging. And despite feeling that I might be intruding, I brought a sketch pad to the nursing home today and drew another resident. I had some difficulty capturing the texture of the wrinkles on her cheek but I think the likeness is good, especially the deep-set eyes.


4 Comments on “Profile”

  1. Beliza says:

    I love drawing people. For some reason it feels easier to me than drawing buildings… Maybe because there are no straight lines?
    I think your portraits are beautiful!


  2. John Bartoldus says:

    I imagine folks in a nursing home would be flattered to have you sketch them. Having visited my folks for years, I remember how they loved attention from visitors. Wherever you go Shari, you are always welcomed. I took several of your pieces along with me sketching yesterday as a reference to simplify my lines and leave out all the detail work. I’d look at the lines of a cottage and then look to see how you would do it. Great learning experience. Merry Christmas mon ami….Jacques


    • I think most people don’t refuse when you ask to sketch them. I guess I am just shy to ask.
      I would love to see your recent sketches Jacques. You should send them to me. A little bit of Florida colour would warm up this Canadian winter. Happy holidays!


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